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Registered Charity G.97646921

We are a group of people who are dedicated to the welfare of abandoned animals. We are not affiliated with any particular organisation, but we are ready to listen, and, wherever possible, help, either financially or with advice.    

We've all seen it, the stray dogs in the campo, thin and hungry; dogs tethered day after day with little protection from the elements. We've seen feral cats congregating around litter bins trying to find food; kittens left to die in plastic bags.   Wherever we can we try to help, but sadly, the problem is escalating.  Animal Sanctuaries do their best, but are very often stretched beyond their limit, inundated with abandoned animals, particularly during the summer months. Somehow, we have to try to stop this escalation up and down the coast.

The aim of our charity is to help the most needy. Maybe you have taken in an abandoned dog or cat and are willing to look after it temporarily, but need help to find a home, or, maybe you are not in a position to look after it at all. If you let us know your problem we will do our utmost to help, either by advertising or in other ways, in an effort to home the animal concerned. We  offer financial assistance for the cost of the keep of the animal whilst it is in your care.    

Maybe you have a problem with the feral cats in your area causing a nuisance by over breeding. This is where we come in! We will liaise with you regarding the capture of the animals and delivery to a local vet for sterilization.   We pay for their operation plus the after-care before putting them back where they were found. This is the safest way to keep down the cat population.

It takes time to educate. Our aim is to offer a programme of education on animal humanitarian issues to all young people, showing them, by example that the way forward is to care for an animal for the whole of its life.

Animal sanctuaries are very often short of funds, maybe requiring a particular piece of equipment or new kennels. Whatever it is we would like to help if it is within our power.

Of course, this is idyllic talk. Everything we want to do to help requires money!    Lots of money!   And this is where you come in.

Here are several ways in which you could help us:

Become a member - For just 12€ a year you can be part of our organisation which will entitle you to run for office.  It will also entitle you to vote on the distribution of money raised.

Send a donation - however small

Offer to foster an animal in your home

Help us with fund raising

Help us by collecting clothes & bric-a-brac
for our shops in La Font d'en Carrós and L'Olleria


Become one of our volunteers working in either of our shops.

Help with our programme for sterilization

Help with our education programme


If you can you spare a few hours?

We are urgently looking for volunteers to help on our homing team!!

Would you like to help by spending just a few hours
each week taking telephone calls?

(between 10:00a.m. and 5:00p.m.)

If so, please telephone us on 650-304-746

More volunteers means fewer hours for everyone!

Visit our shops in
La Font ,Oliva & L´Olleria

Click here for details

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It doesn't matter where you live there are all sorts of ways in which you can help to raise money for P.E.P.A.

Why not have a stall at a local rastro, or hold a bring and buy coffee morning in your own home. Now that summer is coming think about having a fund raising beach party, with games, raffles, etc.  Or, why not organise a car treasure hunt, or have a bridge competition, or a petanca tournament, or a marathon walk. You just need to be a bit organised and have a bit of energy!  We have the ideas, we just need volunteers!

Being part of our fund raising team is not only imperative for the success of P.E.P.A., but a very, very rewarding pastime knowing that you are helping to save some poor creature, by giving him a better life. So, please think about it, and contact Jan on 96 2800 395


It always seems like a good idea to volunteer to help, but after the initial excitement and feeling of goodness overtaking our brain, reality sets in!  We go home, sleep on it and then think it over again asking ourselves; ‘Do I really have the time?  Do I really have the inclination?   Do I really want to do this? here to read on 

Whatever you decide, we would really appreciate your support!
  Please contact us at

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