Puppy Care


Routine is very important for you and the puppies.

There are no rules – just guidelines and commonsense.

Like all human babes they want feeding regularly, kept clean, cuddled and entertained with new things – attention span is limited.


We have kept to three main meals a day with a small soya milk and weetabix meal break normally between the midday and last feed if required. They may be crying because they are bored, so a game or a chew may suffice.

Personally I do not give tinned food or any food that has too many chemicals or preservatives – only in moderation if necessary.

1st meal – they wake about 7.30 am and they are ravenous. Approx 125 grammes of puppy biscuits per puppy per day. We give them dry biscuits and top it up with protein – normally about 1 quarter of a chicken for two puppies cut into small bite sizes. I have roasted the chicken but soon to give them boiled chicken because I want to downsize the fat.

2nd meal – 12 noon approximately. Same as the 1st meal but you can vary it with fish or beef. In between, a snack if necessary around 4.00 pm – a bowl of soya milk and weetabix to mix but keep it milky. They say that normal milk will give runny tummies – I don’t know whether soya milk is OK but they haven’t been ill on it.

3rd and last meal – The same as the other main meals (make it as late as possible – we have managed to 6.30 but if they demand their food then we give it to them. We don’t let them cry for too long.)

With each meal we have given them a controlled run and cuddles and a game within our environment – normally a small patio or kitchen which we can close off from the other adult dogs – and they sleep in our utility room.


Something to chew is a must.

A small chew as per example;

Squeaky toys, even a toy box;

Something to play ‘tug of war’ with;

Putting on the dishwasher, the washing machine and also pegging out the clothes;

Cuddles and chats. Re-assuring noises;

Gentle brushing.

When scolding just raise your voice or tap on the bottom. Never the nose as this can damage their sense of smell.


During cold days and definitely at night, they will settle down with hot water bottles under their clothes, hidden from view (otherwise they may chew them)

You can put a ticking clock, like a heartbeat, in their bed for comfort initially. Remember they are use to the comfort of 7 pups not just 2. Please, please remember it is so easy to trip over them or tread on them. They are fragile and can be hurt so we have adopted a slow pace around them and tend to ski with our feet rather than tread.

This document is intended to help you to really enjoy your new pups and hope you have as much love and pleasure from them as we certainly have.