Triki Reference 301861

Triki was born in 2019 and is sterilised.

PEPA is advertising Triki on behalf of her owner who for genuine reasons is looking for a new home for her.

This is what Triki’s owner says about her:

Triki was a feral cat that was at the house when we first moved in. She is shy but once she gets to know you, you can stroke her and pick her up. I had her sterilised and she has been a garden cat ever since. I will be moving away from here. I can’t take her as she has to be an outside cat. She will not be enclosed. She is such a sweetheart. Used to cats but not dogs. She is fed here twice a day. She is healthy and beautiful. I can’t leave her.

Can anyone find it in their heart to give Triki a home please? 

Please telephone the PEPA helpline on 650 304 746 or email for more information about Triki.

PEPA is not responsible for the care of Triki and is not liable for any damage caused, directly or indirectly by her/ PEPA no es responsible del cuidado de Triki y no es responsable de cualquier daño causado por el mismo