Feral Cat Program


P.E.P.A runs a feral cat sterilisation programme, within the approximate area of: Oliva – Xeraco – Ontinyent – Xativa. The extent of how much we can help depends upon available funds

All requests for P.E.P.A. financial support, for the sterilization of feral cats, in the areas that P.E.P.A. supports, should please be requested by calling either :-

Alison Farrow at 634 347 566 

The following process is used for all requests for P.E.P.A. financial support:  

  1. Alison is the only P.E.P.A. personnel, who will contact the veterinarians supporting PEPA and authorize the vets to put sterilization operation costs on the PEPA account. In emergencies the P.E.P.A. president will bypass this step.
  2. The people who request the support, should ensure that they get the cats secured the night before they deliver the animal for the operation and provide a safe/dry shelter for the cat, for one night upon return, to ensure the cat has recovered fully from the operation anaesthetic. 
  3. When the cats are returned to the people requesting support, they must notify the P.E.P.A. personnel, so that they can keep their records accurate. Cat traps, if borrowed, must also be returned at this time.


  • It is the practice of the veterinarians, supporting P.E.P.A. with the sterilisation of feral cats, to snip the top of the cat’s ear to show that the cat has been sterilised.
  • Where at all possible P.E.P.A. does request that a small donation is made to help towards the cost of the operation.