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Katy’s new owners in the UK are thrilled with her – and she is eating everything in sight and romping around


After less than 1 day, Nico is settling in well in his new home in the UK, despite the rain. His


From the owner Miriam All going great, slept all night in her crate next to my bed, she’s happy and


Chico enjoying life with his new family near Malaga – and thanks to Chico his new family has taken in

Luca in Finland

“Luca enjoying one to one love in Finland”

Bobbie’s Story

Hi Jenny As promised am attaching some photos of Bobbie in his new home, he is settling in really well

Chances Story

THE ‘CHANCE’ OF A LIFETIME   Chance was rescued from a local Perrera. He had a broken leg and sadly

Dillun’s Story

Dilluns’s story Dilluns is a little dog who was picked up by the police, on a wet Monday night. Dilluns

Leo´s (now Koby) story

Leo´s (now Koby) story Little Leo (now Koby) is happily adopted and living with gentle Alba and six cats. Alba took