Wanted A Forever Home

by Janet Goodwin (Author)

Wanted: A Forever Home is a heart-warming tale where we share the thoughts, fears, loneliness, and joy of Senora, a toffee-nosed house cat, and ten very individual and determined street cats whose lives are all torn apart until they meet up with Gentleman George, a Portuguese mountain dog whose one mission in life has always been to obey the commands of his master.
When George is commanded to find the scent Bella, a street cat whom he has never seen, and return her to her forever home, his task proves far more complex than he could have ever imagined. But his troubles are only just beginning when he later finds himself shepherding a flock of cats across the Spanish countryside with all its unexpected twist and turns.

“Animal lovers will delight in the wild adventures and earned luxuries of the fun and furry group in Wanted: A Forever Home… Young readers who love animal stories will be enraptured, and the subtle messages woven in – particularly around caring for strays – will land effectively.” –Foreword Clarion Review

“After reading this novel, I wanted to go hug my cats and my dog. It’s a mix of heart warming and heart breaking…Goodwin bits your heart with every chapter.” –Pacific Book Review

“The book clearly comes from the heart:….offers compelling characters and teaches us about animal awareness.” –Kirkus Review

“…it has soul and will likely be a welcome read for young adults and animal lovers.” –BlueInk Review



Available in both Paper Back £9.00  and on Kindle £3.99.

With every book sold the author will make a donation to PEPA.