Puss 1435 – adopted

  • Female
  • Born 2016
  • Sterilised. 

    PUSS (otherwise sadly known as “Cat with no name”) was originally a basura cat who made a home in the grounds of a kindly lady who fed her and gave her shelter.

    PUSS is an independent outside cat. She is however affectionate and likes to be around people. She’s an excellent ratter and regularly brings home “presents” for her rescuer.

    PUSS’s carer has sold her house and, for health reasons, plans to move into a town before the end of October.

    PUSS is now desperately in need of a home in the campo. All she asks for is shelter within the property – and food and company of course! In return she will insure that you are not plagued by rats or mice.

    Please don’t overlook lovely PUSS

  • For more information please telephone the PEPA helpline o
    650 304 746


  • PEPA is not responsible for the care of PUSS and is not liable for any damage caused, directly or indirectly by her/ PEPA no es responsible del cuidado de PUSS no es responsable de cualquier daño causado por el mismo