Patan 1349

    • Mixed
    • Male
    • Large
    • 2014
  • Vaccinated, sterilised, microchipped and passported

P.E.P.A. is advertising PATAN on behalf of the kind couple who have been left “holding the baby”

PATAN is smart and so is easily trainable. He’s a happy boy, loves people (loves cuddles!) and is fine with other animals. He chases cats but doesn’t show aggression and is currently being trained not to. PATAN is very energetic and will need a home where he is outside or walked regularly as he has energy to burn! He is also happy laying in the sun once he has had his fill of chasing lizards and bugs!

PATAN is one of three dogs that have been abandoned by their owner and is now being cared for by their rescuer.


For more information please telephone the PEPA helpline on
650 304 746


PEPA is not responsible for the care of PATAN and is not liable for any damage caused, directly or indirectly by him/ PEPA no es responsible del cuidado de PATAN no es responsable de cualquier daño causado por el mismo