Nuri 879

      • Mixed
      • Female
      • 14 kgs
      • 2013
  • Sterilized, Health Vaccinated, has Leishmaniosis but has been treated on maintenance drugs onlyNuri was found almost dead in a small town called Enguera and taken to the vets. Nuri was taken on by PEPA and nursed back to health. She was in a dreadful state she had open sores on her back and was very underweight and very scared of everything.

    Nuri is currently being looked after in a small family run kennels, she has a large open space to run around in with other dogs.

    Nuri is a very different dog today she loves life and gets on very well with the other dogs that she is living with. It would be lovely if we could find her a really nice home where she could get one to one time.

    Nuri is a sweet girl, very loving and very easy going she would love to have someone spend some time with her and a lap to curl up on as she is not very big


    For more information please telephone the PEPA helpline on
    650 304 746


    Vaccinated, microchipped, passported and castrated