Luca 1340 – ADOPTED

    • Mixed
    • Male
    •  Medium (At 6 months Luca weighed 11.3kgs. The vet advised that he’ll be around 15 – 18 kgs when fully grown)
    • Aug 2017


  • Vaccinated, castrated, microchipped, passported and blood-tested clear.

LUCA is a super friendly, happy go lucky, playful pup with no hangs ups. He’s well behaved towards all other dogs – very respectful towards those he doesn’t know and so soon gets accepted by them.

LUCA is in foster care in a family home with 3 other dogs, 4 cats and two young children. He soon settled in with the other dogs, he just wants to play and have fun. He’s been well “trained” by the resident cats and now just ignores them!

LUCA was found wandering the streets of a small town by the local police. He was wearing an expensive parasite collar and it is thought that he was lost rather than abandoned. Unfortunately we were unable to trace his owners

. LUCA hadn’t had much training in his short life before he came to PEPA. However he’s a bright pup and is very much switched on to people and their commands. He is showing already that he is easily trained.



For more information please telephone the PEPA helpline on
650 304 746