Leroy 1420 – ADOPTED

  • Tabby
  • 2014
  • Castrated

Mr Cool Cat LEROY. LEROY’S story is enough to break your heart. This poor guy was left in a box outside someone’s house late at night. He had the biggest case of ear mites his carer had ever seen. He looked like a hamster and had obviously had the problem for a long time. The lovely people put him in their garage, contacted PEPA for an emergency vet visit and tried to get him better but they were forced out if their house because of the fires. LEROY stayed in the garage smelling the smoke and was petrified!!! He is now being cared for in a home with small dogs and cats where he has learnt to trust again and has blossomed into a loving relaxed boy.

In the words of his carer: “LEROY is absolutely the coolest cat I’ve met”

Leroy needs a break!!!!. Can you offer this special boy a loving home?

PEPA is not responsible for the care of LEROY and is not liable for any damage caused, directly or indirectly by him / PEPA no es responsible del cuidado de LEROY no es responsable de cualquier daño causado por el mismo


For more information please telephone the PEPA helpline on
650 304 746