Domingo Ref 1660


  • Male

  • Large 46 kilos

  • Dob 4/5 years old

  • Vaccinated, Castrated, Passport. Labratory blood tested and has been treated for Leishmaniosis

Domingo’s Story
Domingo was found wandering in a terrible state by some kind people in Monserrat who took him home with them and put him in a neighbours house while they looked for help for him. Pepa took him on and he has been in a lovely foster home where they have nursed him back to health from just 25kilos to now 46kilos in a few short months. Poor Domingo would certainly have died had he not got help. He has leishmaniosis which is now controlled and has not caused any internal damage.
He is a big lad at 46 kilos and he is not that old about 4/5 years old. He is great with people. Because of his size they have not really tested him with other dogs he is fine when he sees them and he is very well behaved when he goes to the vets or he goes out. Domingo is now ready to go to a home of his own. The photos show how he is now a happy healthy boy and how he was before.

For more information on Domingo please telephone the PEPA helpline on
650 304 746 or email