Blanca 774

  • Crossed
  • Female
  • Medium/Large
  • DOB – Feb 2013
  • Currently on maintenance medication for Leishmainia

Blanca was rescued from a Perrera called Hellin. She was in a dreadful state and has needed three courses of injections for her Leishmainia. In March we will know if she requires another course however she is doing really well.

Blanca is currently being looked after in a small family run kennels she is good with the other dogs, however she is really strong and she just want to play with them. She is Labrador size and very solid, full of life now. Apart from some scabs on her ears you would not know that she has been sick. The prognosis for Blanca is good.

Blanca really needs a home of her own everything that could be done for her has been done she is ready now to move on.

Blanca is wonderful with people and very affectionate.

For more information please telephone the PEPA helpline on
650 304 746