Bess Ref 1512

  • Female
  • March 2017 Approx
  • Small sized
  • Vaccinated, Sterilised, Passport, Blood tested clear main Mediterranean diseases.

Bess’s story is extremely sad she has spent all her life on a chain with very little human contact prior to her being rescued when her owner died. She was one of 6 dogs that were all chained up. Bess was very nervous when she was rescued at the beginning of April last year she has come on so much and went into a foster home in December, she is now ready to go to a home of her own.

Bess may need time to settle into a new home she is currently in a lovely foster home. She has done amazingly well, she had never been in a home before prior to this one, she has been clean in the house, responds well to commands, jumps in the car and walks of lead. She has gained so much confidence.

Bess is quite lively she loves playing with the other dogs and is very good with them. She is also really sweet and very loving and loves having cuddles.

Bess has an autoimmune disease which manifests itself like a skin problem, now we know what it is she is managed with steroids when it flares up, but avoiding stress and a good diet helps.

Bess very wary of men that she lives with and will need time to adjust to them, she is fine when she is out walking though.

For more information on Bess please telephone the PEPA helpline on
650 304 746 or email p.e.p.a.animal