Becks 1439 – ADOPTED

  • Male
  • Born Beginning May 2018
  • Vaccinated.
  • Beck’s rescuers will ensure that he is castrated on adoption


Poor BECKS was dumped by the basura bins where local people feed feral cats. BECKS had obviously come from a home; he is totally domesticated, very clean and trusting of people. A typical confident little kitten with no hang-ups. Poor BECKS, he’s just a young kitten and would never have survived amongst the feral cats. Lucky for him he was spotted by an animal lover and taken home, but he cannot stay as his rescuers have 3 cat hating dogs.

BECKS is so named because he loves to play football with paper balls! Can you offer this budding footballer a loving home?



For more information please telephone the PEPA helpline on
650 304 746


PEPA is not responsible for the care of BECKS and is not liable for any damage caused, directly or indirectly by him / PEPA no es responsible del cuidado de BECKS no es responsable de cualquier daño causado por el mismo