Our Team

P.E.P.A. was established in 2005 by Janet and Joe Goodwin to help animals in need.


The P.E.P.A. Board comprises of the following volunteers.

Pat Taylor :
President, re-homing team, help-desk volunteer and foster carer.

Anne Goodwin

Des Smith

and in alphabetical order:

Jan Barker
Manager of the La Font d’En Carròs charity shop and foster carer.

Ken Barker

Database Manager, Paypal account manager, P.E.P.A. webmaster and foster carer.

Heather Cunningham

Auction organiser, Backup webmaster, Help Desk

Rosemary Macdonald
Re-homing team leader, help desk and publicity officer for our animals and foster carer.

Vicky Houlihan
Help Desk Leader and Re-homing team.

Sue Robbins  

Membership Secretary,

Non-Board members :

Roger Lines
Newsletter Editor

Colin West
Manager of Oliva shop.

Glenda Bowes
Deputy Manger of Oliva shop.

Estelle Smith
Transport  Co-ordinator

Joe Goodwin
Feral cat sterilisation programme.


The P.E.P.A. Re-homing Team

The P.E.P.A. Re-homing Team is headed by Rosemary Macdonald with the help of Vickie Houlihan and Pat Taylor. Also part of the Team are our volunteers who man the P.E.P.A. help desk which is open 7 days a week from 10am – 5pm.