Dillun’s Story

Dilluns’s story

Dilluns is a little dog who was picked up by the police, on a wet Monday night. Dilluns is Valencian for Monday, hence the name! Gorgeous little dog who was lucky enough to be adopted by Gunn, a lovely caring Norwegian lady. Here’s what she has to say about Dilluns, now called Dullen:

“Hei, Pat, You never told me that little one is eating me out of the house, he is always hungry, following me in the kitchen , !,,,,,,,,, ! But he is very aktiv , Running around in the garden, We are taking a drive and a walk every day, he dont like to go into the car , and he dont want to go out of it again. My friends like him very much and if I dont spoil him, they do, He has now moved out of the bathroom and into my sleepingroom. We have very slowly started to make some rules. He dose not do anything inside, Dullen is always in my lap, and he loves to bite my nose, Well, this is a small story about him. I think we do love each other! “