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P.E.P.A. is urgently looking for Foster Carers for their dogs and puppies

We are looking for kind people who for one reason or another, may not have a dog of their own nor wish the responsibility of owning a pet on a long term basis, but who may enjoy the pleasure of caring for a dog or puppy for a short while happy in the knowledge that a home will be found and that the pet they are caring for is safe and sound until that day arrives.

So many animals need your love and care even on a temporary basis. 
Many haven't had that special cuddle for a very long time –

Can you help? – Please think about it!  


 A few facts

1. Every foster carer is visited by a P.E.P.A volunteer who will discuss the ins and outs of fostering and make a note of what sort of dog or puppy is preferred. We willl give you a list of contact details of P.E.P.A. volunteers who will support you if you have any problems or queries. We do ask that foster carers become a member of P.E.P.A. (i.e. 15 € a year).

2. The role of a P.E.P.A. foster carer is to give a dog or puppy a temporary home - and to give it love, security and guidance in preparation for the big day when it is adopted.

3.  It is difficult to assess the length of time your foster dog or puppy will be with you as it depends entirely on how long it takes to find a new home. It could be a few days, weeks or in occasional cases, months. Obviously we do everything we can to find a new home quickly by advertising in the newspapers, on this website and on our Facebook page..

4. Either before a dog or puppy goes to a foster home or soon after we pay for a veterinary inspection. This usually just includes worming and vaccination but it occasionally involves something more. However whatever is necessary, P.E.P.A. will pay for all the medication. The dog or puppy would only be micro-chipped after adoption.

A few answers to some of your questions:

How long do I keep the dog or puppy?
This is difficult to assess as it depends on the time it takes to find a new home. It could be a few days, or it could be months. However, everything would be done to find a new home as quickly as possible.


Supposing I need to go away, or go on holiday?
Then we would call on another Foster Carer, or place the animal in a sanctuary where we would pay for its keep until you return.


Will I have to pay for the food and vet bills?
No P.E.P.A. will pay for all medical costs and also food bills if required.
Whenever possible all our foster dogs and puppies are examined by a qualified vet and given any necessary medication before being placed with a foster carer. It would be de-wormed, vaccinated and in some cases sterilized. On occasion we would ask the foster carer to take the dog or puppy to the vet for this initial treatment but all costs will be met by P.E.P.A.


What if I don't have a garden or special sleeping quarters for an animal I am fostering?
We do our best to ensure that our foster dog or puppy would fit into your home and lifestyle. If required we will provide you with a bed, dog bowls and if necessary, any other equipment such as a  portable kennel or cage where you could keep the animal in safety away from any other pets should the need arise.

If you would like to find out more please

Telephone our helpdesk on 650 304 746



Asociación Protección y Educación para  los Animales, C/ Cervantes 26 Bajo, La Font d'En Carros, 46717, Valencia, España.
Registered Charity Number: G.97646921 ~~ email: p.e.p.a.animalcharity@gmail.com ~~ tel: 650-304-746